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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  June 22, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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or -- we have the woman that lost the money on video. we don't have anything from the woman that had the money in her account. she was trying to lay low. >> she was packing her bags and buying the tropical house. >> one-way ticket out of here. >> looking at her tik tok. thanks to every one. here's "america reports." >> sandra: thank you. outrage over a video by "the washington post" with experts telling white people to segregate themselves into accountability groups in order to go through a "period of deep shame." why some critics are comparing it to a cult. >> john: sandra, mollie hemmingway will join us on that. will cane is here on the likely impact of a big supreme court decision on paying ncaa athletes. also on deck today, today pyro and howard kurtz on another busy
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news day. >> sandra: we begin with the white house acknowledging what much of the country has witnessed for months now. america now in the midst of a crime crisis. joe biden announcing steps that they will take to combat the surge tomorrow. hello. i'm sandra smith in new york city. this is "america reports." welcome back, john. >> john: thank you. stiff from the roller coasters at hershey park. i'm john roberts in washington. good to be back. biden forced to address the issue as shocking cream scenes are caught on camera in several democratic led cities. a warning, some of the video is disturbing. footage in chicago showing a suspect shooting a man excuse style after a minor traffic accident. we learned the man's wife that was also shot in this incidents has died. >> sandra: horrible. in detroit, a triple shooting leaving a 11 yard boy, his father and a third passenger in
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the hospital. they were just sitting in a car when a gunman opened fire on them. in new york city, brand new surveillance video showing a moment a campaign volunteer for candidate eric adams is stabbed multiple times on a bronx street. police still looking for that suspect. >> john: we have team fox coverage to kickoff the program. ted williams joins us in just a moment. first, aishah hasnie live in new york city where all eyes are on the new york primary race today. hi, aishah. >> good afternoon. i've been talking to voters all day. i hear the same thing that crime is what is driving them here to the polls to vote for mayor. listen to what they told me. >> i have two kids that are starting to walk around the city by themselves. it scares me now. i didn't think i would be scared about that two years ago or 15 months ago. >> he has to deal more
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effectively with the police and the parole system, the prison system, which is broken. >> all right. here's a look at the top tier candidates in this race and where they stand on defunding the police. eric adams, andrew yang, katherine garcia do not support cutting the budget. and wiley wants to slash a billion dollars a year. now, this could be one of the biggest reasons that adams, a former nypd captain hold as very strong lead right now in an online survey that was just released monday. he's followed by yang and garcia. former mayor rudy guliani voted this morning. his pick is a republican and the founder of a volunteer crime prevention group called guardian angels in town. i asked him about the thousands of republicans that switched to democrat this year to try to sway this primary towards a more moderate democrat. and guliani told me that's the
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wrong move. he said a democrat cannot save this city. john, sandra, we're hearing of an off duty officer that was attacked, jumped in broad daylight by three men in the bronx yesterday, yesterday morning. one of them beat him with a wooden stick. the others were punching him in the face, the body. he's been hospitalized. he's in stable condition. the bad guys got away. just another day in new york city. john? >> john: disturbing what is happening to the big apple. we'll get the results later on today. aishah hasnie for us. sandra? >> sandra: thanks. joining us now, d.c. homicide detective, ted williams, fox news contributor. welcome. it's scary what you see what is happening in the great american cities like new york. you have that attack in the bronx. you have this narrative running through many of these streets that are dealing with the highest rates of crime like new york, chicago, portland,
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seattle. you continue to hear calls to defund the police. look at this map. take that in. we're seeing the spike in crime. it is still popular in some of these areas to call for that, ted. how is this possible? >> you know, it's just something that you cannot wrap your head around. in our society, where police officers are out here to protect and to serve us, that there's this so-called call to defund the police. sandra, one of the things that we're having a problem with in america is gang violence or associational killings. these are taking place all over our country. we need more police officers out there to serve and protect us in these various communities. we don't have them. they're leaving, sandra. they're leaving these police
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departments in droves. these are good men and women. it is very demoralizing for them to continue to try to serve and protect us. if you have some bad cops, get rid of them. i said that over and over again. but we need those good law enforcement officers and we need more of them. >> sandra: ted, why it is the liberal media seems to be trying to write off what is a spike in gang violence as mass shootings -- listen to this from the media. it's a montage. >> the u.s. is seeing a dramatic uptook in shootings. seems like no state is safe from the violence, a mass shooting in downtown anchorage alaska. >> ten mass shootings happening in nine different states over the weekend from alaska to new jersey leaving seven dead, 45 injured. several occurring where crowds gathered in aurora, colorado.
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one person killed, four injured. >> man hunts are underway across the nation after another weekend of mass shootings ravaged four different cities across america killing six people and injuring nearly 40. >> sandra: why are they not calling this what this is? >> you know, a good question, sandra. yes, mass shootings are up in this country. associational and gang-related shootings are the one that are primarily out there in our society right now. if i were to ask you who is jatari brown? nobody could tell me. she was a 1-year-old child in baton rouge, louisiana on memorial day playing by a pool where some thugs came in and she wound up dying. this child is now gone. all we have to do recently is look at new york city where a gunman or gang member, shooting
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at another gang member. two children in the line of fire. the young girl, the young child, the sister of the one of the children, saved another child's life. this is what we have going on in america. it should not go on and it's tragic. it is happening in our communities. >> sandra: perhaps they won't call it what it is because so many police departments as a result of defunding or taking funds away from, it's targeted at the units that were deployed to fight gang violence. some of them have gone away altogether, the units. some of them have lost funding over the past year. put this up on the screen. our new fox news polling tells an important story, ted. compared to a year ago when people asked, is there more or less crime in the country, 73% say more. zero in on the question. is there more or less crime in your local area?
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54% said more, ted. that goes back to the question we always ask. is do you feel safe in your neighborhood, in your town. obviously when it comes to politics, this is a huge question when you just saw that report at the top of the hour in new york. aishah hasnie reporting. people answering the question what brought you to the polls today, crime in new york city. people don't like what they see happening in their town. >> they absolutely don't, sandra. the defunding movement is a part of this problem and not the solution. when you live in a community, you want to savely go about your life in that community. unfortunately because of gang violence, because of associational killings, you cannot. what is necessary, what is needed, sandra, is that the community has to report crime in
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their community. this is not happening. communities are intimidated by punks in these communities. so we have this unfortunate situation of gang violence that is on the rise in this country. >> sandra: and what -- i have to put this last poll up here, a fox news poll asks trust in police. trust and confidence in law enforcement. those that have a great deal or fair amount. 72%. makes you wonder. you ask most people, they want the police in their town and neighborhood. it makes them feel safer. ted, great to have you this afternoon. thank you. >> my pleasure. >> sandra: john? >> john: we're hearing about it more and more every day. busy day on capitol hill today. just hours from now senators will vote on a sweeping election bill. this after a historic second hearing on a bill that would make washington d.c. the 51st
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state. both measures facing long odds without a republican filibuster. chad pergram is live on capitol hill. how is the rest of the day expected to unfold? >> the voting rights bill won't get a debate because of a filibuster. a test vote later today to launch debate but you need 60 votes. republicans are more than happy to stand in the way. >> the senate is only an obstacle when the policy is flawed and the process is rotten. that is exactly why this body exists. >> also a historic hearing today on making d.c. the 51st state. >> your inaction could doom another generation of washingtonians to being locked out of their constitutional power and human rights. >> now, the d.c. bill lacks the
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backing of all 50 democrats. joe manchin is opposed. today reveals the limits of the democratic agenda in a divided senate. it comes down to the math. >> john: the math not in the favor at the moment. thanks, chad. joe manchin has suggested some changes to the for the people act and will probably get all 50 democrats on board. doesn't look like they'll go beyond that. the only way to get the bill passed would be to get rid of the filibuster. kyrsten sinema very much against that. saying, you know, you may end up reap what you sow somewhere down the line. >> sandra: absolutely. we have a debate coming up. jason chaffetz and juan williams is joining us. john, hershey park? were you on roller coasters for father's day? >> father's day was more kids day over the weekend. >> sandra: love it. >> john: my wife and i took the kids up for the weekend.
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we went on every coaster except for the side winder and the fahrenheit. got shot out of the magnetic cannon on the storm runner. we had a great time. >> sandra: belated happy father's day to you. >> john: thank you. >> sandra: peter daszek no longer in a u.n. investigation in the origins of the covid-19 pandemic after he revealed an parent conflict of interest. he's disclosing that his nonprofit eco health alliance has produced a small number of bat coronaviruses at labs in china including at the wuhan institute of virology near where the coronavirus was first identified. daszek says his organization's work aims to assess the risk from other species to humans. john? >> john: nebraska becoming the latest state to send assistance to the southern border with 25
10:14 am
state troopers heading to texas later this month to help border agents. it comes as smuggling continues in record fashion with border patrol agents seizing drugs worth $1.8 million. 450 pounds of marijuana were seized along with 45 pounds of meth. agents arrested 178 migrants in connection with that smuggling attempt. border problems continue. >> sandra: absolutely. we will see how this administration plans to tackle that as the pressure is on, john. >> sandra: and in virginia, critical race theory is front and center. parents standing their ground against thecurriculum. we'll tell you what else they're concerned about next. >> and "the washington post" seeming to promote a culture of shame for white people. mollie hemmingway joins us to break it down. stay with us. >> we can't ask people of color to hold our hands through the
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z. >> john: "the washington post" accused of producing a video critics say anti-white bias. mollie hemmingway joins us to say why many people say it's racist. and first, a judge ruling in favor of former president trump and other administration officials, a majority of lawsuits related to the lafayette square incident last june. they claim then president trump and other administration officials authorized an attack on protesters in order to arrange for a photo op for the president in front of st. john's church. the judge said there was not enough evidence to show there
10:20 am
was a conspiracy. sandra, this falls in the wake of the department of the interior inspector general's report that showed the square was cleared to put up anti-scale fencing and not cleared so the president could walk over. >> the judge calling the claims speculative. a high profile moment of trump's presidency. john, concerned parents as we've been telling you demanding a seat at the table when it comes to controversial school policies such as teaching critical race theory. mike emanuel is live where the school board is meeting today in loudon county and has more on the treatment of transgender students. what it is now, mike? >> good afternoon to you. there's signs this could be a very emotional school board meeting later today. the last school board meeting two weeks ago drew at least 120 parents and concerned citizens. many worried about transgender
10:21 am
policy and also critical race theory being added to the curriculum this fall. there's also some emotion on both sides of the school's proposed transgender policy. the academic year in loudon county schools came to an end a week ago and there's no signs of the fight diminishing. a father says parents want input in the education of their children. >> alternate mission here is maybe is it starts here where parents get a seat at the table. whether it's an association, an organization, something where they have some kind of power to shape the future of education in their hometown. >> today a prominent republican senator called critical race theory destructive. >> young children sent off to school with hearts full of pride in their country only to be taught that white privilege defines the nation, that subjects like mathematics are
10:22 am
inherently racist that the christian faith is oppressive. loudon county virginia is ground zero in that fight later today, sandra. >> sandra: mike emanuel live in loudon county where there's a new story daily. john? >> john: some of the most controversial school board meetings you'll ever seen. the "washington post" publishing a controversial video in where experts call on white people to make white account ability groups and go through a period of "deep shame." here's what else they had to say. >> everything i thought about how i existed in my white body in the world was very wrong. >> white accountability groups are helpful in terms of having a place to process, having a group of people whose responsibility it is to call me on things or to challenge me. >> john: let's bring in mollie
10:23 am
hemmingway a fox news contributor. what is this all about, mollie? >> yes. this video came out and many people were commenting on how racist it is. the argument put forth in the video is that certain people should feel guilt associated with their skin color, to keep that shame and guilt alive. they should have racialized accountability groups. so this was met with a lot of disappointment and frustration by americans since americans tend to reject such racism from prominent places. obviously the country has a history of racism a rising in different sectors but coming from "the washington post" took a lot of people back. >> and a woman in the video is called elise kennedy. let's listen to what she says.
10:24 am
>> we're unpacking wrong things that we've been taught in history class. there's a period of deep shame for being white and for acknowledging the harm that our ancestors have caused. >> john: she says there's a period of deep shame for being white and acknowledging the harm that our ancestors have caused. clearly america has a troubled history. what would be the purpose of people living today to feel deep shame for something that happened decades even centuries ago? >> well, racism throughout history is usually about people trying to exploit differences in order to achieve political power. in recent decades, the left has been able to use racism as a way to advance political aims, accusing other people of racism that is probably what is happening here as "the washington post" is becoming more politicized and open about their political agenda. they're playing into that. the problem is that a lot of
10:25 am
americans of whatever color, creed, just reject this type of racism. it happens at a time when more and more people are aware what a great country this is for people regardless of that, socially or economically. yes, there's problems and they need to be dealt with but particularly prior to the global pandemic a time of great economic opportunity for black people, black men, black women and people know that. so they look at this as the attempt to divide that it is. >> john: i was about to ask you that. is this another effort at did verizoning the country under the guys of trying to unify it? does this exercise that they're suggesting even attempt to unify? it only seems to want to divide. >> again, just like with world racism, new racism doesn't want to bring people together that is a very dangerous thing. people might be thinking this is something that achieves short
10:26 am
term political gain. i think there's a big push back to this kind of racism. but they should think about the long-term ramifications of dividing people, this country is unique from having so many people from so many different countries that is a good thing. people like "the washington post" should be encouraging that, not tearing people away or fauxment strife. >> why so much amongst this woke group is there a focus on the past? winston churchill once said "those that fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it." there's likely some people that have failed to learn from our history. but the nation as a whole seems to have learned a lot. >> absolutely. you want to know your history. you want to know what you worked there, what you did wrong as a country or, you know, as people did throughout history. you don't want to do it at the expense of opportunity. when you teach people by virtual of their skin color that they'll
10:27 am
be oppressed or an oppressor, it's inappropriate and does so much to damage the future. in this country, people can achieve all sorts of things. that's why people come from all over the world to be here and be focusing with an inaccurate look at the past in many times and not thinking about the present or the future it can cause problems. >> john: molly, thanks for your perspective. >> thank you. >> john: sandra? >> sandra: the election bill, republicans are calling it a power grab facing a key vote in the senate today. what it means for the future of a key senate rule. >> john: and a hacker tries to taint the drinking water of one of america's biggest cities. wait till you hear how easy it was. life... doesn't stop for diabetes. be ready for every moment, with glucerna. it's the number one doctor recommended brand that
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>> john: the senate preparing to vote on the voting rights bill even as the legislation faces an uphill battle from republicans. if the bill fails, will democrats use that as a way to try to end the filibuster? fox news contributor jason chaffetz and juan williams join us now. so what is the purpose, juan, of holding a vote today if they do get it to a vote knowing that there's not enough votes to overcome the filibuster? >> i think senate majority leader chuck schumer, john, wants to make it clear to democrats that republicans are not playing ball. they don't want to have a debated discussion about voting rights. so many legislatures are changing the rules, make it tougher for people to vote in some cases. i think part of this has to do with joe manchin, the senator from west virginia, the democrat, having proposed a compromise to the republicans in
10:33 am
which he was saying on this voting bill, look, we al agree to some republican demands that there will be national requirements for voter i.d. that they're not be campaign finance reforms. senator mcconnell rejected it out of hand. if manchin played his bluff, you know, senator mcconnell said no, we don't want anything to do with any kind of bill here. >> john: there were things that manchin left that republicans didn't agree with. jason, if you have senator joe manchin saying let's have a national requirement for voter i.d., that shoot as huge hole in one of the democrat's biggest arguments. they said that voter i.d. is racist. >> you see people like stacey abrams in georgia flip-flopping on the idea about voter identification. unfortunately the bill put forward by the democrats has
10:34 am
dozens of revisions that republicans are objecting to. cleaning up voter rolls and those types of things would be prohibited. it's not the for the people act. it's for the democrats act. that's what republicans understand. they want to see these things administered at the state and the county level as we have done in the past and i reject the notion that republicans and their legislature have done things to suppress the vote. rather than that, they have done things to increase the integrity of the vote. >> john: in governmental affairs, they had a meeting on state hood for the district of columbia and the area that would be left would be the 51st state. and going back to what happened earlier in this nation's history should not the remaining territory outside the federal district be ceded back to maryland once it came? >> i'm and outlier on this on
10:35 am
the center left. i agree with that idea. i think the district was originally, so much of it taken from maryland and virginia. if you simply had the federal district with the white house, the federal mall and the capitol isolated, i think that's a great idea. you know, part of this and the reason that my compromise here hasn't been embraced is two fold. i don't think virginia and maryland would agree to it. it would change their political dynamic and the other step is the people of the district of columbia, i happen to be one of them, want their own representation. don't think that given their population they should be treated any differently than states that have fewer people. >> john: there's only a little bit of the district that is actually across the potomac in virginia. most of that. ceded back. the next big thing is the
10:36 am
filibuster. joe manchin and kristin cinema are against it. and sinemas is it protects the country from wild swings. she wrote -- >> the senate is supposed to be the cooling pond of the heat of the house of representatives. but getting rid of the filibuster could make it just like the house, jason. >> yeah, why have a senate if you're going to act like the house and be the majority party rules? this is going nowhere. krysten sinema, the senator from arizona, joe manchin, the senator from west virginia have
10:37 am
been crystal tear prior to their time -- it's not going to happen. democrats don't have the number. if it did go, what goes around comes around and democrats would rue the day that they did this. it's a lot of blistering, it's a wasting of time. they don't have what they promised they were going to do, which is the ability to go out and reach and work with republicans. it's the thing that they promised america and the thing that they're not doing. they're trying to come up with changes to the rules to get their way and their way only. >> john: want, i want to ask you about this. the democrats are labelling the filibuster now as jim crow 2.0. yet, you know, in years when they were out of power, they were happy to just jim crow 2.0 to defeat republican legislation is. this hypocrisy under the guys of political expediency?
10:38 am
>> i don't think it's hypocrisy. the filibuster has been used time and time again to block civil rights legislation. if your point is that democrats used it -- even president obama said he was an advocate of the filibuster to stock republican action. you're right, john. here's the thing. it's not just about undoing filibuster reform at this juncture. you may have people that are saying, well, maybe we could limit filibuster power. maybe require a senate tore be there and present if you're holding a filibuster. maybe we don't need 60 votes. maybe you need a lesser number. that's what the democrats are after at this point. >> john: nothing like watching a senator speak for 24 hours straight or read the phone book. great to see you today. sandra? >> a huge supreme court decision could change college sports as we know them today. will cane is here on what that
10:39 am
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some say this is my greatest challenge ever. we asked for kisqali. but i've seen centuries of this. with a companion that powers a digital world, traded with a touch. the gold standard, so to speak ;) >> sandra: college athletes getting a big win in the supreme court. a 9-0 decision paving the way for schools to now give players greater benefits as long as they're tied to education and academics. will cane is host of "fox and friends" this weekend. i dug in to this for so long knowing this was coming. i have my opinion on it. i'm sure you do, too. but then you have to separate what you see as right from wrong. the justices, this is a 9-0 decision. a big blow to the ncaa sort of business model of profiting while not paying athletes. so what did you think of the
10:44 am
decision? >> let's talk about what this decision does. it allows students athletes to ask for compensation that is tied to their educationalal expenses. it's restricted to their educational expenses. this is not paying athletes yet. the most fascinating part was judge brett kavanaugh's concurrence. he opened the door. he said the business model itself is an anti trust violation and in the future sounds like if any suits come up saying the college athlete should be paid regardless of what its tied to, education, endorsements or anything else, that the ncaa would lose that suit, this would be the end of the ncaa. the end of amateurism. >> sandra: let's go to justice kavanaugh's own words. this was written by neil gorsuch. nobody else in america can businesses agree to not pay
10:45 am
worker as fair market rate. under principles of antitrust law, it's not evident why college sports should be any different. the ncaa is not above the law. i do believe what people fear is a slippery slope. if you paying them these benefits tied to education and then there's going to be this vagueness as to what exactly that means and then opens the door for paid college athletes. >> that would destroy amateurism and college sports as we know it. we played a speculative game of play it out. the big winners would be the big schools, the alabamas, the texass, that can pay the most because they have the most.they already are not sadly texas but alabama and others dominating football, ohio state. they would have more money to pay athletes. i'm like you. i love college football and i love basketball and i love
10:46 am
college sports. i love tradition. highly skilled people in this country should be paid to their fullest. i believe in capitalism. go find the market for your skills. that doesn't for me necessarily mean college athletes should be paid. the very least for me, what it means is this, take away the restrictions that you have to go to college. the nba requires a year out of high school before you go pro. why? go pro at 14 if you can. the northbound says you can't go pro until 3 years after high school. if we can retain what college sportses that been, that would be great. it's wishful thinking. >> sandra: i thought that kavanaugh said restaurants couldn't agree to pay cooks under the theory that people would prefer people from amateur chefs.
10:47 am
>> athletes are getting something out of this relationship. they're getting a $50,000 a year scholarship. they're getting paid. they're choosing to go to college. they can go find a semi pro league to make money. i think we have to address the issue of whether or not this is fundamentally fair to a billion dollar business model to have a monday -- monolipistic model. and you played water polo in college? >> yes, i did. >> sandra: john roberts, jump. in an athlete himself. >> john: an athlete myself? me? i might have played dodge ball. >> sandra: i heard you can swing a golf club. >> john: i can swing a golf
10:48 am
club. not good enough to get on a college team. as you point out, it's a real conundrum. these colleges are making millions of dollars. the coaches are getting paid millions of dollars. as will pointed out, the athletes are getting something. are they getting enough? maybe you allow them to take endorsements. >> sandra: something that will said off camera. we talked in a commercial break. axios this morning said ncaa model is unraveling. this wasn't what the ncaa saw coming the way things are today when the model was originally built. that is important. >> what i'd say to that, john, there's this tone in the conversation and some people point to the college model as a plantation. they say it's a nefarious business model. it wasn't a billion dollar business model in the 30s and 40s. >> john: it is now. maybe things need to change. try to get in an uber or lyft?
10:49 am
why a driver shortage could be a road block to fully reopening america. >> sandra: and one town's mayor banning the pledge of allegiance? other city officials are saying not so fast. todd piro on that ahead. >> i would like to make one comment. stand for the pledge of allegiance. >> this is the united states of america! and need cash for you? you should know about the newday100 va cash out loan. it lets you borrow 100 percent of your home's value. you can take out $50,000 or more. use it to improve your home, get the kitchen you've always dreamed of, or have the security of cash in the bank. use your va home loan benefit at newday to get the financial security you and your family deserve. the newday100 va cash out loan. if you have moderate to severe psoriasis,
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♪♪ >> sandra: a korean war veteran and purple heart recipient getting to live out his dreams for his 90th birthday. wow! look at his view. made the 14,000 jump in utah while he was overseas. he said he saved the life of another man. now he says he wants to go sky diving all over again. i love that. sky diving. >> john: it's a 90th birthday thing. bush 41 did it on his 90th birthday as well. >> sandra: beautiful. have you ever? >> john: no, i have never. i meant to when i was in my 20s. that's a long way in the rear view mirrors.
10:54 am
hopefully i'll live long enough to do when i'm 90. >> sandra: awesome. >> john: if you're having trouble booking a ride share or taxi, you're not alone. longer wait times as many major cities are facing driver shortages. >> sandra: lydia hu is live inside a new york city cab. has a look from where you are, lydia. >> hey, john. we're approaching times square. we're running into a little traffic. it's stop and go right now. you're right. we're taking a ride in one of these taxis. we had a chance to talk to a cab driver earlier that said during peak times when he picks up a customer, they're frustrated because it's taking them about 45 minutes to an hour sometimes to find an empty cab, especially if it's rush hour. that's because the number of drivers working in big cities right now across the country, analysts say it's less than what
10:55 am
we saw in prepandemic levels. same thing for uber and lyft drivers. that's driving prices up and extending wait times. lyft's ceo talked to investors and said a big driver of this are the continuing federal unemployment benefits. so the hope is this will resolve itself as the benefits are sunsetting soon. back to you, john. >> john: thanks, lydia. getting it from the road. appreciate it. sandra? >> sandra: okay. we've got some breaking news for you now. fox news alert. the united states government has seized the website domain of iran's press tv english language service. the site now reads the domain has been seized by the government and pursuant to a warrant. it says it's part of a law enforcement action by several agencies including fbi. we'll have more in the next hour. >> john: thanks. violent crime surging in many
10:56 am
major cities including new york city. a live report from the big apple coming up and new york city councilman joe borelli joins us with his reaction on the crime wave across the country. that and more in our next hour.
10:57 am
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one, two! one, two, three! only pay for what you need! with customized car insurance from liberty mutual! nothing rhymes with liberty mutual. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> john: fox news alert. a new hour and your money a fay you're focus in the nation's capitol. welcome to "america reports." i'm john roberts. sandra, great to be with you. >> sandra: great to have you back. breaking news in just a moment. i'm sandra smith in new york. the fed chairman facing questions over what to do about inflation. the price of gas, food and just about everything else rises and beyond your bottom line, analysts say the issue could be key to whether republicans take back control of congress next year. >> john: new at 2:00, behind on
11:01 am
your bills? california's embattled governor says don't worry about it. his plan to forgive a record amount of rent on the backs of taxpayers. >> sandra: john, the growing the pushing back about going woke. >> one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> i note that that is out of order. >> sandra: coming up, a story everyone should see and hear. the pledge to stand up to a radical agenda. >> john: all that and a fisherman that came face to face with a giant shock. all 30 feet of it. >> sandra: we look forward to see that. the fisherman will join us. >> john: thanksfully it's not a bity charge. we'll begin with the bloody summer underway. murders spiking in cities from
11:02 am
coast to coast. >> sandra: this is horrible. the crime scene getting more bold and shocking by the day, including one breaking right now. gun battle on i-95. the bullets flying on one of america i biggest highways. >> john: steve harrigan following this from the southeast newsroom. this seems to be escalating, steve. >> it does, john, this is a dramatic one. turns out that both drivers were armed and both fired. it happened in the morning commute monday, 7:00 a.m. miami-dade county on i-95 south. both were driving toyotas. one a zenza, the other a camera.
11:03 am
the two bulleted managed to miss each other. the fhp says an investigation is underway. this comes on the heels of the death of a 6-year-old in california shot together in a road rage incident as his mother was driving him to kindergarten. john, sandra, back to you. >> john: thanks, steve. sandra? >> sandra: horrible story. the crime crisis taking on all new urgency in the race to be new york's next mayor that is after a volunteer trying to get out the vote was ambushed and stabbed in broad day light. fox team coverage continues with aishah hasnie now. hello, aishah. >> hi, sandra. good afternoon. crime has literally just forced its way into the mayoral race here in new york city. that new video showing another angle of that awful crime, that stabbing of a mayoral campaign volunteer from eric adams.
11:04 am
it happened in the bronx and broad daylight. people watching and did nothing. the man reportedly had a punctured lung. according to adams, he's expected to recover. now another public attack, an off duty cop jumped by three guys in the bronx attacked with a wooden stick and punched in the face and his upper body. he was hospitalized as well no wonder, sandra, we keep hearing from voters that crime is the issue for them in this mayor's race. >> you know, i think back to a time when the city was safe. we welcomed tourists safely. we took care of our own people. we saw fewer homeless on the streets. that means a lot to me. i love my neighborhood. it's absolutely crucial. it's a huge issue for me. >> so who will save gotham city? here's a look at the candidates
11:05 am
and where they stand on defunding the police. we have eric adams, andrew yang and katherine garcia that do not include cutting the budget. wiley wants to slash a billion dollars a year that could be one of the reasons why adams, a former nypd captain is holding a lead right now in a survey released monday. he's followed by yang and garcia. we're expecting delays because of rank choice voting this year. voters will get to rank their choices 1-5 so that might lead to the number two or number 3 choice having a play in this. >> sandra: thanks, aishah. john? >> john: moving to chicago now where a rampaging mob force add couple from a car and shot one of them dead on the spot a young father. moments ago word came in that the woman that was with him who had been injured shot in the
11:06 am
neck has also perished. one incident causing concern among the city's businesses. grady trimble has more on that. we knew that chicago is violent in certain areas. but wow, this really ups it a lot. >> it does, john. 38 shootings over the weekend, this weekend alone. 54 people shot in those shootings. the shootings and violence have spilled into the downtown area, which wasn't always the case. we're al bella luna cafe in the river north neighborhood. dan in alberga is the owner here. you adjusted your hours because you don't feel safe being open at night. >> no, we have to curb this violence. it has to stob -- stop. it has to stop down here. >> and police say robbery is up 106%. shootings up 150%.
11:07 am
that's in the last 28 days compared to the same period a year ago. what are your customers say? tourism is coming back, this is an area where people work what do people say when they hear you're closing two hours earlier? >> they don't feel safe. it's a different element at night. you don't feel safe. that's a scary situation. >> john, that's the situation here downtown. as i mentioned, this is as businesses are trying to pick themselves up out of the pandemic. they're dealing with all sorts of issues and now in downtown chicago the violence as well. >> john: that's crazy. thanks, sandra. >> sandra: the white house forced to admit the rise in violent crime. they say the surge started before president biden took office. but after a year of anti-police rhetoric and the calls to defund police departments, the biden administration places the blame on guns. mark meredith more live from the white house. >> good afternoon. the white house knows that
11:08 am
rising crime is impacting americans coast to coast. this is an issue that could impact the president's economic and social agenda. we know the president will have a chance to meet with stakeholders tomorrow to talk about crime prevention and offering up his ideas on how to make the country safer. we get a preview of what the president will focus on. here's jen psaki. >> there's major city as cross the country where gun violence is the driver. it is absolutely increasing that will be a central part of what he talks about tomorrow. >> gun control and rising crime could be a major political issue in next year's mid-terms. republicans are jumping all over this issue including florida's attorney general that tweeted in florida we do not tolerate lawlessness. this is evidence dent as the overall crime rate has dropped for 50 years. in the show me state in missouri, law enforcement will
11:09 am
comply with federal gun measures. a lot of action on crime. >> sandra: thanks. >> john: let's bring in joe borelli from new york city, a republican city councilman. a fender bender led a gang to pull two people out of a car. the woman was pulled out. she's the mother of two children. they attacked her. the man she was with was her husband or her partner, tried to defend her. he was shot execution-style in the head and she was hit in the neck. both now dead. this is just out of control. >> that's the type of crime that americans actually fear. it's a nonpremeditated crime in broad daylight, at random, sparked by the lawlessness that has encircled chicago the past few years. when you have somebody like mayor lightfoot there and people like her that run big cities not
11:10 am
taking a serious look on the way police interact with the community and how aggressive police should be going after people that carry guns like this person obviously did, then you're going to see more incidents like this caught on camera. >> neil: let's go back to new york city and the stabbing of a volunteer for eric adams who is favored to win the democratic primary today. he was stabbed with a knife and an ice pick or both of the items were found at the scene. he had 40 priors. he had a criminal background but was trying to turn his life around by joining adams campaign. do we know if this stabbing had anything to do with his previous record? >> doesn't seemed like it was. seemed completely random. those types of crimes that strikes fear in the hearts of new yorkers. like the two random children walking down the street and a gunman opened fire as they ran past him. it's a clear sign that new york
11:11 am
needs a drastic change of direction when you have the frontrunner's volunteer who gets stab hanging posters. it shows how low the bar is. saying eric adams is because he one of the few that acknowledges the police's role in reducing crime. some of the other candidates don't want to admit the police should carry guns. >> john: he was a captain in the police department. so he understands policing. the white house will talk about this but right now they're defecting this blame to defund the police. let's listen to the exchange with peter doocy and jen psaki. >> for people watching that might be worried about rise in crime, what does the president think is a deterrent to committing crime if there's no catch bill in place? >> let me give you a sense. we're still finalizing the
11:12 am
specific. there's been an increase in violent crime the last 18 months. it's not just the last few months. if you look at the statistics, it's the last five years. >> it has in the last few months really ticked up. it's been ticking up since covid. even though the white house is not giving us an idea, do you believe that politics is taking a part in defunding the police? >> yeah, when you cut the funding for the parks department, the grass will grow higher on the softball fields. that's the same thing with defunding the police. you have less police investigating cases. you'll have more crime. the trust is america has become victims of the progressive wokeness that have tried to convince us that police and not criminals and gangs are the cause of violence in our community.
11:13 am
thankfully people are waking up to it. >> john: thanks, joe. great to talk with you. sandra, look at the two poor children caught up in the shooting in the bronx, their parents say they can't sleep anymore. it's not just -- obviously those children were traumatized by it but children across the country are hearing about this and asking their parents is it safe to be in the street. the parent has to answer no in some cases. >> sandra: and this video that we play daily, the events are happening, happening in broad daylight, john. that is just scary. it's scary here, scary in so many u.s. cities that are experiencing this right now. >> john: something has to be done about it. >> sandra: the head of the fed in the hot seat as americans are paying more at the pump and beyond. why the rise in prices could put republicans back in power. >> john: we'll tell you about the navy's heart problem. and proof cyber security experts
11:14 am
are right about constantly changing your pass word. how ignoring that advice could have poisoned an entire city's tap water. >> sandra: right now u.s. senator is defending a man's membership despite allegations it's an all white club. that's ahead. a veteran who may have served in my time, during the vietnam era, would be eligible today for a va home loan. so many do not know that. there's no expiration date on your eligibility for the va home loan. every veteran, every service member out there if you're thinking about buying a home if you're thinking about a cash out refi whatever you're thinking with a mortgage, you should come to newday usa first.
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at or visit an xfinity store to learn how our switch squad makes it easy to switch and save hundreds. >> john: jerome powell on capitol hill where he's expected to be grilled on rate hikes and inflation. rising prices of everything from groceries to gasoline.
11:20 am
opening statements just got started, but we'll be monitoring the hearing. we'll bring you any news as it happens. >> sandra: thanks, john. we have to start out with the premise that do you believe that inflation is actually a problem right now? robert, to you first. seems that the white house is not acknowledging that people are paying more for about everything in their everyday life? >> you want a yes no or more than that? >> sandra: yes, no. is inflation real? >> yes. >> sandra: so gas prices are up. good prices are going up. houses pricing are going up. the reason the fed chair is in the hot seat, why isn't he trying to control this? their job is to take away the punch bowl so things don't get out of hand. why has the fed not step ed in yet, robert? >> you've given me a good
11:21 am
question. i'm concerned about powell's quote on transitory view on rising prices and comply chain impacts. it's wrong and risky. we've seen -- we've talked about the fed intimate they could have two right hikes in 23. now you have a bunch saying 22. at a minimum, the fed should end $120 billion a month of quantitative easing. i'm nervous about an inflation overshoot. >> sandra: you're not hearing that from the white house or democrats. douglas, the reason this is so important, not only is the fed pumping money, in you have the white house talking about trillions more in spending. you've got these unemployment checks going out. the more people spend, the more the prices of the goods goes up. so what goes are the stimulus
11:22 am
payments or unemployment benefits trying to help you out if the cost of everything is going up in the meantime? >> you hit the reason nor the concern. we had a food that has been loose. a lot of stimulus in december and they massively overdid it with the american rescue plan. that spooked everybody. we've seen real rises in inflation and they turn into permanent rises when you get the combinations of wages increasing. 9% in april. another 6% in may. when you get inflation expectations. they have rose as well. more data friday, a real problem out there. to robert's point, the fed is reacting. they said no, we're not going to move a bit. they moved up the timing of the first rate increases. mary dailey said that it's within the line of sight that we begin to tapeter asset purchasing. they're changing their tune fast. it would be important for the white house to change as well,
11:23 am
this is a critical moment for the economy. >> sandra: and the fed should change it too. what damage has been done. put your political hats on. robert, i'll ask you what this means for your party in the mid-term elections. does this help republicans gain back power? >> i don't think it does. i think that the two book ends are vaccination and relief and the infrastructure. i think they're going to pass some infrastructure deal. three big moves that the dems made and we'll have good growth and a strong economy. i think they're going to have wind at their back. i would take the opposite side of that. >> sandra: when you look at the white house economic forecast, the white house itself is not predicting strong economic growth. douglas, same question to you. what does this mean politically? does the current economic environment of rising prices, does it help republicans gain
11:24 am
back power? >> i'm going to agree and disagree. vaccinations are the top of the list. no question management of covid-19 is what everyone is concerned about. the second in line is management of the economy. that means managing all of it whether relief is real or does it get eat unby inflation. they don't look strong right now. i'd be concerned. >> sandra: really important conversation that we will continue. thank you. >> thank you. >> sandra: john? >> john: a republican on can toll hill. one senator talked about ending america's systemic racism. it's likely not a topic that comes up in conversation at this private beach club, which is allegedly all white. >> sandra: we'll get to that. "the washington post" taking heat for pushing white accountability groups. howie kurtz will have that one for us. ♪ ♪
11:25 am
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11:30 am
>> sandra: america reports in the america against going woke. the mayor that tried to put the pledge of allegiance on ice and the residents who stood up against that. todd piro will tell us about it. >> john: "the washington post" under fire for a podcast calling for white accountability groups among other things. >> sandra: we kickoff the second half with accusations of hypocrisy against the democratic senator that called to root out systemic racism. rhode island democrat sheldon white house suspending his membership at a private beach club that is allegedly all white. eric shawn has that story for us. hello, eric. >> sandra, a fire brand in the u.s. senate but now rhode island sheldon whitehouse is on the hot seat over his family's long-time membership in an elite private club in rhode island. the senator is facing questions over his family's decades long
11:31 am
membership in what one local news site in rhode island claims has been an all-white beach club. newport's bailey's beach club is in a century old cornerstone of newport high society. but the club has no minority members. it's not true says the senators office. whitehouse says i think they got the facts wrong because the club says they do have a diversity of membership. the same change has hit other politicians in the past. in 2017, south carolina republican governor henry mcmaster was criticized for belonging to the all-white forest lake club in columbia. since then they have accented black members. the senator says he's not a member of the club. he transferred that privilege to
11:32 am
his family. he doesn't know when. back to you. >> sandra: thanks, john? >> john: a school board in new jersey voting to remove the names of holidays from the school calendar after plenty of pushback from residents. >> i'm sorry, but you were elected by the residents of randolph. i could not give a damn what they're doing in other towns. >> stripping the traditional days from the calendar is wrong and sends the wrong message. >> your attempt to be woke. you woke up the entire community of randolph. [cheers & applause] >> john: the randolph school board said people were "falsely claiming the holidays were cancelled or taken away. we reported that they planned on replacing the named holidays with days off." looks like christmas and thanksgiving, memorial day are coming back.
11:33 am
sandra? >> sandra: thanks, john. in colorado outrage after a local mayor there stopped the pledge of allegiance at a board meeting. attendees said it anyway. todd piro has more. >> great to see you. the pledge house caused trouble in this town. this small town meeting getting a lot of big-time attention. it started with this admonition from the mayor. take a listen. >> due to direct an indirect threats, inappropriate comments at a public meeting and the general divisiveness, issues in our community, we will not be doing the pledge of allegiance during the town of trustee meetings. >> you heard that, right? that decree from the mayor of silverton, colorado getting pushback. the trustees challenged the mayor. the mayor said to show where it's written that he can't make such a ruling and that is when
11:34 am
this happened. >> i'd like to make a comment. i'd like to stand for the pledge of allegiance. >> one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> the mayor said the meeting was out of order and threatened to leave if it happened again. >> sandra: gives you child that they said it anyway. this is not the first time the town had a problem with the pledge. >> they had the issue in 2018. a town person confronting a mayor and saying, look, we got to have this guy, very upset. at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, this mayor had again, an issue with the pledge and said he didn't want to do it. he was outvoted 4 to 3 that they were going to do the pledge.
11:35 am
obviously that vote did not stop him this time. >> sandra: wow! already. todd piro on that story. >> people are pushing back. >> sandra: absolutely. standing up against it. john? >> john: democracy in action. critics are slamming the "washington post" for a new podcast. in it, experts give advice on how white people can "understand their whiteness." >> most of us in doing this work have experienced this where there's a period of deep shame for being white and for acknowledging the harm that our ancestors have caused. that's a very legitimate piece of this work. and we can't ask people of color to hold our hands through the shame piece. that needs to happen with other white people. >> john: weighing in now, howard kurtz. you used to work over there at the "washington post." howard, what's going on? >> john, this "washington post"
11:36 am
video is an attack on white people for the sin of being white to say as we just heard that white people should undergo a period of deep shame is down right insulting and the other quotes from this video. one person saying that we should be in white accountability groups and white people don't understand racism is a sweeping and absurd generalization. i have no problem with people pointing out racism in this society, the legacy of slavery, police mistreatment of black men. we learned a lot. it goes off the rails to suggest that anyone by virtue of having white skin regardless of their individual conduct should be ashamed of themselves. it's hard for me to fathom. >> john: one screen in the presentation says exploring white racial identity will be a life-long process. it seems to contend people that are white to self-examination for the rest of their lives.
11:37 am
>> right. regardless of what they have done, maybe they fought against racism, this is a form of racism. putting the onus on people because they're white to feel bad about themselves when they're not responsible for what happened with the history of slavery. i'm not minimizing that there are white people that are race its. but this is a country that elected kamala harris, that elected barack obama, that made extraordinary amount of racial progress, this was produced and packaged in a way that made it seem to be a sin that was white. i found it offensive. >> john: the new york mayoral election goes as expected, an african american may be the next mayor of new york city. bill maher is an interesting case here. he is a democrat. he's been calling out the left in an article that you did titled "bill maher's woke-up call, liberal nuttiness is off
11:38 am
the rails and boring." since the left-leaning media are focusing on the fringes of conservatism, the outrages of their own side go overlooked. that's why it draws outside attention when something like john stewart rebukes his bethren like the wuhan lab theory is not looney materials. jon stewart and bill maher the progressives saying you're going to far. >> it struck a cord. they are liberal especially maher. he said this is crazy. i calls it progressive phobia. he's saying it's discredited the left to ignore the fact that we made the prior progress in this country and goes through a litany of issues. does it in a funny way. that's his shtick.
11:39 am
it's good for people, whether they're social comedians or commentators to call out their own side for excesses rather than being dull and predictable attackers of the other political side. >> neil: a great column. recommended reading. thanks. sandra? >> sandra: if you've been paying your rent, mortgage over the past challenging year, you might have missed out. one state is moving to pay the bill for those that didn't pay. just guess where that money will come from? i brought in ensure max protein, with thirty grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks! ( sighs wearily ) here, i'll take that! ( excited yell ) woo-hoo! ensure max protein. with thirty grams of protein, one-gram of sugar, and nutrients to support immune health! ( abbot sonic )
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>> john: fox news alert. joe manchin has announced the majority leader that he will vote to move ahead with debate on amendments to sb 1. that is the for the people act. joe manchin, in a statement saying this compromised legislation makes it easier to vote by expanding to vote by mail for those eligible and unable to vote in person. additionally, the bill has been modified to include voter i.d. requirements aimed to strengthen the security of our elections without making it harder for americans to vote. it does expand the definition of voter i.d. to use utility bills.
11:45 am
its likely to go down in a vote of 50-50 because the democrats do not have the votes to overcome a republican filibuster but what is interesting about it, sandra, is that it does open democrats up now to this idea of voter i.d. on a universal level. even stacey abrams said she supports that. >> sandra: so this news started to come in, schumer spoke, said the agreement with manchin for him to vote yes to proceed with the voting bill. the bill still lacks the votes to start debate. this happening in the last few minutes. things are moving on capitol hill. that news just coming in. >> john: what it does, puts democrats in a box now. the voter i.d. genie is out of the bottle. see where this goes. >> sandra: the u.s. navy having trouble keeping the deadliest fleets of submarines in the water. they're wearing out decades
11:46 am
earlier than expected. jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon on this story for us. jennifer? >> the navy says they're addressing the issue and the part shortage should be remedied so sailors don't have to cannibalize parts for the most deadliest and newest submarines. the story was reported by bloomberg. but the issue was raised today on capitol hill. the shortage has led to maintenance bottle necks for the nuclear powered superintendent marines. parts were supposed to last 30 years. but they have been wearing out. they're part of a key strategy to counter china. >> the navy is aware that there's challenges with the virginia comply class chain. there's parts that we thought would be the life of the submarine parts and they're failing more quickly than we envisioned. so we have to go back in and find alternate sources for those parts.
11:47 am
>> i'm sorry to interrupt. but can you talk about why that is happening? were estimates bad? problems with how they're being fabricated? what's going on? i'll have to get back with you on that, ma'am. >> the virginia class subs were produced in early 2004. the navy hoped to increase them by doubling the number of torpedos and missiles to 65 from current 37 and deploy hypersonic weapons which are known for their ability to patrol for months at a time as they stalk adversaries at sea and on land. the part shortage represent as readiness issue according to lawmakers.sandra? >> sandra: thanks, jennifer. john? >> john: california governor gavin newsome says his state will pay off all unpaid rent accumulated during the pandemic using taxpayer money to do so.
11:48 am
jonathan hunt is live in los angeles with more. i can hear the bell ringing now. >> this is obviously governor newsome's oprah moment. so everyone gets a check. in this case, renters that haven't been paying rent and landlords that haven't been getting rent all set to benefit from a $5.2 billion program financed entirely by federal money. rent forgiveness on a scale never seen before in the united states, newsome tweeted. quoting and linking to an article in "the new york times" about the sweeping program. part of the calculation is the fast growing homelessless in california. officials don't want to add to that by seeing thousands evicted for nonpayment. the state will pay all unpaid rent for low income tenants.
11:49 am
a moratorium set to expired at the end of the month and newsome is discovering whether to extend the moratorium. many say this it's a gimmick to get votes for the recall election he's facing. kevin faulker from san diego hoping to replace newsome say gag vin newsome has failed to distribution $1.4 billion in rent relief and only gotten applications for half that amount, this is just another one of his failures and it's why we're recalling him. the multibillion dollar rent program is made possible by a huge budget surplus for california. that in turn a result of the billions in federal grants handed to the state during the pandemic. the huge capital gains california takes in from many wealthy tech entrepreneurs and hollywood heavyweights and the vast array of taxes it takes from the rest of us.
11:50 am
john? >> john: a number of months until the recall election. plenty of time for more giving aways. thanks. >> sandra: next up, a story we've been waiting for. we'll be speaking to one of the crew members that came face to face with that massive shark and the team says that it's one of the biggest they have ever seen. veteran homeowners, this is the best time in history to turn your home equity into cash. because home values have climbed to all time highs. and so has your equity. turn it into cash now, while mortgage rates are near all time lows. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. you could take out more than $50,000. use it to improve your home. pay off high rate debt. pay for big expenses. or put it in the bank for real peace of mind.
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>> john: updating a story we brought you in the last hour. if u.s. seized the website domain of english websites. so a far no comment from the fed. worth noting, just yesterday, iran's president-elect raisi announced that he would not meet
11:56 am
with president biden. raisi urged the united states to return to the iran nuclear deal but ruled out negotiations over the ballistic missile program or nuclear program. sandra? >> sandra: strap in for a whale of a tale. a whale shark that is. some florida fisherman getting a rare glimpse of this 30 foot shark while a fishing trip. one of the fishermen and the captain of the charter boat joins us. it's not every day we get to see something like this. you got to it as did your passengers. what was it like? >> it's always deal to see them. you see them a couple times a year. i've seen them 15 times, 20 times the last 10, 12 years. it's always cool to see them. always something cool hanging out on them. try to catch whatever we can. >> sandra: you captured quite a shot there as it swim around the boat.
11:57 am
it wasn't just one. three large whale sharks. you were near annamaria island on the gulf coast. >> yeah, out of cortez, florida. >> sandra: what a scene. were people scared? you had vacationers that were on your boat. >> yeah. 12 passengers. the hardest thing is keeping people from jumping in there with them. they're so docile. >> sandra: and have you ever seen one of this size before? >> no. normal is 15, 20 feet. we saw the third one and she was massive. i'm in a 41 foot boat and at lease 35 feet. >> sandra: so many people dug in when they saw the images and thought wow, that is enormous.
11:58 am
"national geographic" was asked about it. the shark eats plankton with its mouth while swimming close to the surface of the ocean. so it's not unusual to see this. it's the size of this one that got you, right, captain? >> yeah, she was a big one. like i said, i see them a couple times of the year. this was the biggest one. >> sandra: how is the charter fishing business for you these days? >> great. florida is booming. >> sandra: wow. another part of the story. thanks, captain. three large whale sharks up to your boat there. what a treat for everybody on your boat at the time. captain, thanks for coming on. go ahead. >> never gets old. >> sandra: i know. every day on the water is a good one. thanks, captain. >> no problem. thank you.
11:59 am
>> sandra: love it. i believe he was skyping from the boat. he will keep workings. as he said, florida is booming. a lot of business. >> john: what a great sight to see. whale sharks that believe fish are friends, not food. great to see those guys. >> sandra: a lot of fun. >> john: speaking of food. hungry elephants. one couple in thailand had a surprise visitor looking for a late night snack. that's an elephant crashing through a couple's kitchen wall. not crashing through the wall there. there it is. there's the picture. how would you like to see that coming into your kitchen? they said they were sleeping when they heard the noise. they found them rummaging through their drawers. luckily they were able to shoot the beast away. wildlife officials are advising residents to be careful about food that they leave out. apparently the elephants are on the prowl in thailand.
12:00 pm
wow! >> sandra: from a shark's tale to an elephant in a kitchen. that's where we leave things on a tuesday asp. great to have you back, john. what a couple hours, a lot of news actually on a summer afternoon. >> john: good the be back. i'm not sure to go to a chiropractor or massage therapist. >> sandra: hershey park sounds like fun. i'm sandra smith. >> john: i'm john roberts. "the story" starts now. >> martha: good afternoon. i'm martha maccallum in new york. moments ago, the department of justice is starting to outline what they will do to combat this violent crime surge. they're talking about a fire of course trafficking strike task force. that would address illegal guns on the streets. as we track stories like this, a tragic update on the young parents that were dragged from their car and beaten and shot on saturday in chicago. you can see the gun being pulled there. the man fires again. the two of them are on the
12:01 pm
ground there. we learnha


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